The Log Cabin- A Getaway Downtown


While I’m away at school, caught up in the busyness of the city, I find myself reminiscing about the simple life. I absolutely love the city life, but I miss my small town. Greensburg is very fortunate to have some very unique shops and restaurants with people that make you feel like a part of this community, no matter if you’ve lived here your whole life or you’re visiting town for the first time. That’s what I love about Greensburg— no one is a stranger.

In these shops and restaurants, you’ll also find the upmost quality in services and goods. Each door holds unique treasures and wonderful people. Another great asset of Greensburg’s local shops is the atmosphere. The walls have so much personality that I highly recommend going to the local stops to catch the scenery.

One of my favorite local shops is the Log Cabin Florist. This place wears multiple hats: restaurant, floral shop and gift shop. Although it serves many purposes, there’s more to the story of the Log Cabin. Walk in the front doors you are transported into time thanks to the atmosphere. There are antiques on the shelves and the walls look like the inside of a cabin. The friendly face of owner Rick Jackson also adds to the flavor of the Log Cabin. He’s there to greet every person who enters the front door and spark up a conversation.

With this night of making New Year resolutions, make a resolution to go visit the Log Cabin on a Saturday. Come in to enjoy the atmosphere. Take some time for lunch. My personal favorite was the fish sandwich, but everything on the menu is superb! Make sure you save room for dessert—the Log Cabin has homemade fudge. I’m partial to the caramel fudge, but the blueberry cheesecake is great as well. Also take some time to browse the antiques on display, the trinkets for sale and the vast flower collection. The Log Cabin is a unique treasure of Greensburg, and I guarantee that you can spend quite a few lovely hours there feeling cozy like you are actually in a cabin in the woods.


The Log Cabin is open Monday-Friday from 9 AM-5 PM and on Saturday from 9:00 AM-2 PM.

Phone: 812-222-2220

Address: 112 E Washington St, Greensburg, IN 47240



The Holidays Are Just Around the Corner


Halloween evening is here and the children of Decatur County are enjoying trick-or-treating in their respective neighborhoods. Even though children are busy tonight collecting as much candy as they can, the folks of Main Street Greensburg are already busy planning activities for Downtown Greensburg during the Holidays.

One of the many events coming up next month for Main Street Greensburg is this upcoming weekend— an old-time train ride from Greensburg to Newport. If you have any train enthusiasts in your family, this is an event that you do not want to miss! The train will be arriving at noon in Downtown Greensburg. The actual ride will be from 1:30 to 2:30 PM. Tickets are $15 for adults and $10 for children under the age of 12 and senior citizens. The net proceeds from the tickets benefit Downtown Greensburg. Not only will you get to experience trains like the olden days, but you’ll also be supporting the historic downtown area.

Moving on to December, Main Street Greensburg is vamping up the Holiday Festivities this year. Growing up, some of my fondest memories of Christmas happened downtown. Everything from the lights on the lamp posts, to Santa stationed in his special shack on the Square, to the carriage rides around the streets bring me back my fond memories. I’m happy to report that these annual festivities will be continuing Downtown!

On December 2, Downtown will become a Winter Wonderland. Starting at 6:00 PM, the Christmas parade will begin. Bring the kids out to this because this parade is bringing Santa to town! Santa will be stationed in his workshop on the Courthouse lawn every Friday in December from 4-8 PM. For the adults, all the shops will be open on the 2nd. Stop in to your favorite local store to get some sweet deals! Carriage rides will be offered as well as performances from local high schools will be happening December 2. The Historical Society will also open its doors that evening. There’s lots of excitement happening downtown that evening, so there’s no excuse to stay at home with nothing to do. I’m not sure about you, but I’m really excited to bring in the Holiday Season with lots of cheer downtown.

The fun continues on the following weekend as well. On December 9, 10, and 11, the Presbyterian Church will have a train exhibit in their basement. You can view the trains Friday from 4-7 PM, Saturday from 1-7 PM with Santa making an appearance from 2-5 PM and Sunday from 1-5 PM. Also on Sunday the 11th, Santa will be visiting the Historical Society.

With the Holiday Season approaching quickly, it’s great to know that Greensburg has a lot of festivities going on the weeks leading up to December 25th. Make sure to mark your calendars because these aren’t just events— they are moments that will create memories that children will even remember in adulthood.

For more information about Main Street Greensburg, events happening Downtown and all of the friendly, local shops, check out this website:

Check out the photos from previous Downtown Greensburg holiday festivities!



Stapp’s Circle S Ranch


Growing up, the only place I could see animals was at the Indianapolis Zoo. Now I’m not knocking the zoo—it’s a pretty spectacular place, but there is an experience in Decatur County that is one of a kind in the state of Indiana. Let me introduce you to the Stapp’s Circle S Ranch. Located off of Highway 46, this ranch allows guests to visit the vast array of friendly critters on the grounds as well as opportunities to pet and feed some of the animals.

I had never been to the Ranch. I passed by it on my way to Batesville for a couple of years, but I never thought about stopping in. Originally, I had it in my mind that there were hardly any animals at all. I couldn’t be any more mistaken.

Owner James Stapp claims that the ranch had humble beginnings as a petting zoo of farm animals for his grandchildren in 1998. As the years went on, the variety of animals grew, as well as the audience of the petting zoo. More schools were contacting the Stapp’s Circle S Ranch to bring their classes to see the animals. Word spread, and the ranch’s popularity grew. By 2008, the ranch was USDA approved and opened up to the public.

All of the animals on the ranch are given by individuals or organizations. There is a partnership with a farm in Oklahoma where they can exchange different animals.

Once I arrived to the Circle S Ranch, I met up with James to take a tour of the grounds. Visitors who wish to can walk the grounds, but I would encourage you to spend an extra $5 to take a ride on an antique tractor around the grounds to feed the animals.

Our first stop was to visit the bears, Yogi and Boo Boo. These two loved to eat bread. Also in the long cage were three tigers, Rocky who is one years-old, Jasmine who is three and Belfry who is three. All of these large, threatening animals are actually very majestic and enjoy an audience.

There are also plenty of bison roaming the fields of the farm. These large beasts were the slowest of the animals to follow the tractor. To most animals, the tractor means food so typically the animals race after the sight of the machine chugging along the trail. However, the bison realized that tractor would be waiting with corn no matter how slow they trekked across the field.

Completely opposite from the bison were the dolly sheep and geese. At the first sight of the tractor, it was a mad dash to the stopping point of the tractor. For these creatures, this tractor not only signaled food, but also a loving touch from a stranger.

Some of the other animals that you can see are Texas longhorns, blue channel and albino catfish, wolves, deer, chickens, llamas, donkeys, goats, camels, elk, a monkey, a ring-tailed lemer, reptiles, turkeys, peacocks and a coatimundi.

Another highlight of my visit was the baby tiger. Although when I saw him, he was getting ready for his trip to his new home in Oklahoma. I’m a major cat lover, so I was pleasantly surprised that the baby tiger was as loving and playful as a cat. Another cat surprise was the one living with the chickens. It grew up in the hen pen and now it has become his home.

It’s obvious that the staff love the animals. They love and care for them day in and day out. Because of their love of these creatures, they want to share the experience with visitors. The animals love the attention as they roam around in their open fields. I can’t even explain the connection I felt by being with these amazing creatures. I highly encourage you to pay them a visit!

Make sure to visit their website  and call 877-474-2327 to schedule your visit Monday through Friday. If you want a weekend getaway, drop by Saturdays from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. or Sunday from 12:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. to tour the grounds. This is an experience that you want to share with your friends and family!

A Fine Place to Dine


It’s easy to get lost in the bright lights of Greensburg’s fast food junction. McDonald’s, Arby’s, Taco Bell- everyone seems to eat at these restaurant chains whenever they roll into town. Personally, I like to scope out the local cuisine. Let’s face it, we all can get our hands on fast food wherever we go. However, this does not have to be the case when you visit our lovely town of Greensburg. Nestled away on East Washington Street on the town square, sits a homey coffee shop/restaurant/church called Something’s Perkin’— the perfect example of small town hospitality. As soon as you enter the doors, owners Tammy and Bill Leak greet you with a warm smile and their trademark, “How’re ya doin’?”  There’s no such thing as a stranger to the Leak’s.

The thing I appreciate the most about the place is that everything is decorated according to the seasons. The Fourth of July décor hangs on the walls: stars, a birthday cake for America, flowers, stringed lights and Bible verses throughout the building through the end of the month. A few days later, a stroll past the charming building is decorated with school supplies. In between orders, Tammy runs back and forth to set the perfect décor up to encourage local youth to enjoy the start of the new school year. The original aesthetic of the building gives it character as well. Old, brick walls give this place a unique feel, transporting you into a world of old-school coffee houses.

Interesting enough, this building also serves as a worship area. Owned by Living Water Ministries beginning in 2000, the coffee shop/restaurant was opened in the Fall of 2003. The back part is set up with rows of black, leather chairs, a humble stage and a sound system backed up with your typical rock band instruments. Monday through Friday, Something’s Perkin’ serves as a friendly place to eat. By Sunday morning, the building transforms itself into an area of worship. No matter what hat the building is wearing, you’ll find Tammy and Bill working together as co-managers and co-worship leaders.

My suggestion is to sit at the bar countertop while Tammy and Bill are rushing back and forth behind the counter, preparing your meal. While you sit there, you will see the dynamic duo perform all the duties that typically call for a staff of a dozen. The whole feel of Something’s Perkin’ is just relaxing, which is what I think the purpose of a coffee house is truly for. Personally, I love the whole atmosphere of these four walls. When I need an escape from my normal surroundings, this is the place where I flock to hang out for a few hours. It’s a great place to get things done and have a great meal with those who you love in life. This is unlike any of your other dining experiences. When planning your visit to Decatur County, make room in your schedule to stop by and say hi to Tammy and Bill!

Fast Facts:

Hours: 7-3 Monday thru Friday

Another plus of this place: free WiFi

My suggestion for a meal: All-American with the Chicken Chili with a Sweet Tea to Drink!

Contact Information: 812.663.0865

Address: 108 E. Washington Street, Greensburg, IN 47240

Let me introduce myself…


Welcome to the Decatur County Tourism Blog! I just wanted to take a brief moment to introduce myself. My name is Jenn Meadows, and I was born and raised in the same house in Greensburg, Indiana. For the past 20 years, I have fallen in love with Decatur County- my home. Currently, I’m a sophomore studying public relations at the University of Indianapolis. When I’m not thrown into my studies, I’m back at home, enjoying all what Decatur County has to offer. There are lots of hidden gems hiding around the area, and I want this blog to help you find those hidden treasures. My hope is that with this blog, you’ll be able to further plan your visit to Decatur County to take advantage of every aspect that we have to offer!